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One-time work

We offer any work type with the services on CentOS, RedHat and Fedora; the other operating systems on the agreement


How it works

  • Task creation
    you create the task to solve

    We solve tasks of any difficulty level, having discussed preliminarily the work type and the plan.

  • Service payment
    make the final payment

    Our company accepts payments from companies and individuals, with more than 30 methods.

  • Task implementation
    see the final successful results

    We implement all the tasks. You save time and money not needing a staff server administator.

Do you want to order our service?
If you choose any service we can offer or have any question to ask our specialists, please, send a request.
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About our work

Why should you apply to us to solve the problems with the server?

  • We offer the whole set of services of configuring the server or solving any problem on servers configured by less professional administrators.

    The price is 16 EUR per hour, the minimum payment period is 30 minutes. At present we work only with the servers with CentOS, the other OS are on demand.

    • We have been offering administration services for over 4 years. Our specialists have more than 10 years of working experience. Your website will be working constantly and giving you profit!

    • Monitoring of your server and resolution of problems without your participation. Load, attacks and spam emailing tracking.

    • Outsourcing is much more economical than an employee in the staff. The cost of work is 16 EUR per hour; 30 minutes are the minimal payment period.

    • We also offer consulting to choose software and server hardware and set them for optimal work.

Our customers