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Development Service

Website functional revision and development


A management system seldom meets all the requirements. However we can help you with the development of the required functionality or modules. We also work with websites on custom-made managements systems. Our programmers allows providing services within a defined term.

  • Order service
    $18.73 /hour
  • Order service
    $17.17 /hour

    The discount is offered to the clients with servers constantly maintained by our company

Service advantages

  • We work with many CMS's

  • Fast work implementation

  • Development on С or PHP

  • Timeline adherence

Service Provides

We propose services on pre-agreed requirements specifications. We have experience with custom made and rare control systems, as well as of writing modules for popular billing systems and control panels.

We work with all popular management systems. The price differs depending on the type of the management system used.

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