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CloudLinux is an operating system based on RedHat Enterprise Linux (as CentOS). It’s specially assigned to shared hosting and is used by many providers.

CloudLinux price

  • User limits control
    CloudLinux allows to limit CPU, memory, MySQL resources, bandwidth and some other settings
  • MySQL Governor
  • Isolated filesystem CageFS
  • PHP/Ruby/Python/Node.js version selector
  • HardenedPHP
    HardenedPHP secures old and unsupported versions of PHP.
  • ISPmanager support
  • Guarantee of best prices
  • Free installation

CloudLinux features

CloudLinux introduces the concept of LVE - LightWeight Virtual Environment for user isolation. Each LVE has the severe restrictions on CPU, memory, maximum quantity of processors and disk input-output which can not be exceeded. Every process (whether it’s a process handling php-request or cron-task or any command on SSH) is placed in LVE and can not exceed the limits for the user.The advantage for virtual hosting is that website less depends on “neighbor” load on the server and can be opened within a uniform time. Besides, any sudden DDoS attacks will not affect your server in any way thus making the attacked website to work slowly or fail to open.

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