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Proxmox VE

Proxmox Virtual Environment (Proxmox VE) is a virtualization system on OpenVZ and KVM with open source code. One can manage virtual machines and server administration via web interface or command line. Only OS Debian is supported as a node.

Proxmox price

  • Access to Enterprise repository
  • Complete feature-set
  • Support
  • Proxmox support tickets
  • Response time
  • Remote support (by SSH)
  • CPU number
  • Guarantee of best prices
  • Free installation
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Proxmox VE features

  •     Open source code, you pay only for update and support;
  •     Easy management via web interface or API;
  •     Complete templates of typical virtual machines;
  •     Load monitoring in real time;
  •     Installed images library (in local or remote storage);
  •     Connection to «physical» consoles of guest systems directly from the browser (via VNC);
  •     Server consolidation in a cluster with the possibility of live migration of virtual machines (without guest system shutdown);
  •     Rapid deployment of guest systems from the templates (available only for OpenVZ);
  •     Automatic backup of virtual machines;
  •     Support of network storages;

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