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DCImanager (exc. IFXmanager) is a product for data centres and dedicated server sellers. DCImanager allows automate the dedicated server maintenance process, centralizing all the network infrastructure management, cutting installation and maintenance costs and ensuring additional services for your clients.

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    Device accounting
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    OS Installation
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    VLAN management
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DCImanager is used to automate the sale of dedicated servers and their management using the built-in integration with the other ISPsystem products

Store all your hardware information in a single panel.

The panel enables you to track resources (traffic, power, etc.) and to perform basic hardware diagnostics.

The panel enables you to automatically install and deinstall the operating system. Your clients can load the required system or disk images by themselves.

Automatic distribution of IP addresses, IPMI support.

Automatic new hardware search and installation.

DCImanager price

  • Number of servers
    For the basic version of DCImanager the price is listed for every 100 servers, with the maximum of 2000 servers. The enterprise version allows unlimited servers.
  • Servers inventory
  • OS reinstall
  • Traffic and power statistics
  • VLAN management
  • Datacenter adaptation
  • Datacenter map
  • Infrastructure monitoring
  • Node number
  • Guarantee of best prices
  • Free installation

DCImanager features


  • Server control. Large set of instruments to create and manage servers.
  • Equipment monitoring. Network switchers creation and power distribution.
  • Traffic accounting. You can now see the statistics of traffic that was used by servers in the new illustrative mode.
  • Automatic installation of OS images.
  • Server diagnostics. This feature allows to define exactly the server configuration.
  • Improved diagnostics of the problems of server operations with the possibility to solve them automatically or exact guidelines of debugging.
  • Automatic search and adding of new equipment
  • Power consumption statistics
  • Virtual network management (VLAN)

Differences of DCImanager Enterprise:

  • Engineering infrastructure monitoring.
  • Data centers map composition to display server and network equipment location .
  • Network attacks monitoring.

Technical support includes free server installation help

Learn more about DCImanager at developer’s website.

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