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SSL certificate RapidSSL Wildcard

RapidSSL Wildcard

Validation method:
Issuance time: instantly
Trust level:
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Detailed options

Browser compatibility:99.4%
Encryption key length:2048 bits
Certificate re-issue:no limits
Encryption:up to 256 bits
Supports FB & VK apps:
Subdomain protection:
Green line with company name:

More info about this certificate

Certificates with domain verification, basic certificates

Basic certificates like RapidSSL, Comodo PositiveSSL and Thawte 123. These certificates confirm the identity of connection with the required domain. The advantages of these certificates are low cost and fast issuance since only the domain must be checked (one e-mail is to be sent to the domain mailing address for verification). In some cases, the issue of a certificate may take up to 2 days. If a certificate is issued for a financial website, we will also need to test the required contact number. For banks and credit institutions one should order a certificate with the organization verification or extended validation.

Internationalized Domain Names

If you want to protect your domain in the national language (e. g. 百度.中文网), then you will need to order a certificate with IDN support.

WildCard — Domain support

Certificates with subdomains support (Wildcard) such as RapidSSL WildCard, Comodo PositiveSSL WildCard, Comodo PremiumSSL WildCard, Thawte Web Server Wild Card Certificate. SSL Certificate will operate on all subdomains of the main domain name, and you do not need to buy several different certificates. These certificates can be with the verification of either the mere domain or the complete organization incorporation data.

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Certificate RapidSSL Wildcard for 2 years

Amount saved 2 063 ₽31.0 $27.37 €
Payment 18 567 ₽278.7 $246.31 €
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RapidSSL https://www.isplicense.ru/netcat_files/ RapidSSL Wildcard 4.914 10315.19 18567.19
RapidSSL https://www.isplicense.ru/netcat_files/ RapidSSL 1093.03 1884.54
GeoTrust https://www.isplicense.ru/netcat_files/ GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium 4354.78 7839.67
GeoTrust https://www.isplicense.ru/netcat_files/ GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium WildCard 13040.98 22821.72
Thawte https://www.isplicense.ru/netcat_files/ Thawte SSL123 2110.68 3693.69
Thawte https://www.isplicense.ru/netcat_files/ Thawte SSL123 WildCard 11231.83 19655.7
Comodo https://www.isplicense.ru/netcat_files/ Comodo PositiveSSL 1093.03 1884.54
Comodo https://www.isplicense.ru/netcat_files/ Comodo PositiveSSL Wildcard 8668.86 15170.51
Comodo https://www.isplicense.ru/netcat_files/ Comodo PositiveSSL Multi-Domain 1093.03 11872.57
Comodo https://www.isplicense.ru/netcat_files/ Comodo PositiveSSL Multi-Domain Wildcard 1093.03 34298.54

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