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Maintenance of Huge Projects

High-loaded projects maintenance and update

High Load Server Maintenance

This tariff is optimal for customers with high-loaded websites. We can add additional "heavy" sites on your server, notify you about the problems with the equipment or probable lack of resources, as well as deliver the required software on the server.

Service Provides

Description of work
The package includes 3 hours of work a month. The excess fee is 750 RUR/hour.

- Configuration fine-tuning for high load.
- Installation of 'light' web servers, cache configure.
- Software update
- Firewall configure
- Server monitoring
- Solving the tickets

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Service advantages

  • Current software versions are always on the server.

  • Priority for tickets before those of the clients without maintenance.

  • Configuration fine-tuning for optimal performance.

  • Server access monitoring and free KernelCare

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