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Technical Support Outsource

Remote support for any servers and server systems


We offer many types of work depending on request quantity, type of your ticket system and task difficulty. You can pay for each ticket or have monthly fixed payment. Mostly our clients are shared hosting, VPS and dedicated providers. Minumum monthly invoice is 150 USD.              

Service advantages

  • Higher service quality due to an increased problem reaction speed.

  • Economy of stuff, training, working space and tax expenses.

  • Complex task resolution without an administrator in stuff

  • Problem response outside working hours.

Service Provides

You can automatically transfer tickets to us is using BILLmanager software. If not, we can setup special software to automate it. Thus the transparency supposes that your clients will only see the responses as they are from employee in stuff. We have also the experience with all main billing systems that allows getting into gear within very short period.

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