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Plesk new pricing

We inform you about new prices for Plesk licenses. We kept old prices almost 1 year, but now forced to change them according to vendor new tariff policy. From today, renewals and new orders will be made at the new prices indicated in the table below.

We still guarantee best prices, new pricing is 20% cheaper than Plesk direct.

Product Old price      New price
Plesk Web Admin Edition 4,15 EUR 6,4 EUR
Plesk for VPS Web Pro Edition 6 EUR 9,6 EUR
Plesk Web Pro Edition 12 EUR 9,6 EUR
Plesk for VPS Web Host Edition      10 EUR 16 EUR
Plesk Web Host Edition 27 EUR 28,8 EUR

Changes will also affect some of addons.

Feel free to contact us for any questions.

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