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Price update for Cpanel

Cpanel announced another increase in license prices from January 1, 2021. The change will affect all editions.

What happens to the purchased licenses?

For licenses renewed starting from October 1, 2020: if after the renewal the license validity period exceeds January 1, 2021, the cost will be recalculated and a surcharge will be deducted to cover the difference in cost. For all other licenses, the price will be changed at the time of renewal.

New prices for Cpanel licenses from 01.01.2021

Plan Platform Accounts New price
cPanel Admin Virtual server Up to 5 €22
cPanel Pro Virtual server Up to 30 €32.25
Cpanel Premier Cloud Virtual server Up to 100* €48.50
Cpanel Premier Metal Any server Up to 100* €48.50
* Every 50 accounts over 100 are charged an additional €15 per month (previously - €10 per month).

Any other questions?

We will be happy to answer any questions about the new terms. You can contact us by creating a ticket in your personal account.

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