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Where can I download the program?


You can download the script for ISPsystem products installation here:


It’s easier to download the script directly to the server of ordered license. Log in to the consol on  server and run any command :
fetch "http://download.ispsystem.com/install.sh"
curl -o install.sh "http://download.ispsystem.com/install.sh"
wget "http://download.ispsystem.com/install.sh"


For 4 verion of products:

wget "http://download.ispsystem.com/install.4.sh"


Then run the script installation
sh install.sh

We recommend to read the detailed installation instruction available on product webpage.

Windows (only for ISPmanager)

You can download ISPmanager installation program here:

We strongly recommend to read the full installation guide before taking any other steps. The link is on the product web page.