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Virtualization types

VDSmanager supports many types of virtualisation:

1) Kernel Virtual Machine (abbreviated KVM) is a modern technology of Intel and AMD processors hardware virtualization. This system allows you to emulate a physical devices of server with almost no loss of productivity. Thus it can be a good solution to run the different guest operating systems on the same VDS-node. KVM is now the fastest growing virtualization technology among the supported VDSmanager.

2) OpenVZ is a technology based on Parallels Virtuozzo Containers commercial product. It does not emulate device server, but simply puts the processes of guest operating system in the special isolated containers with their own file system and running processes list. This ensures that you almost won’t have any virtualization costs, but VPS servers are less isolated from one another. OpenVZ can be a good solution to run the large number of similar Linux-VPS on one server. VDSmanager-Linux works better with this virtualization system.

3) XEN3-PV is no longer being developed virtualization technology based on the "substituted" core of guest system using special arrangements for virtual devices access. Servers are more isolated from each other rather than in OpenVZ technology. Besides, Linux supports FreeBSD and Windows, but one should install special drivers there.

4) XEN4-HV is a continuation of the previous virtualization technology that uses hardware virtualization. As KVM, it allows you to run any operating system without any additional drivers installation. But at the moment no operating system can install XEN4 from the repositories, what makes use difficulties with VDSmanager-Linux.

5) VDSmanager-FreeBSD8 is a technology, entirely created by ISPsystem on the jail system basis in FreeBSD8. It’s most similar to the OpenVZ for Linux: there are no device emulation and all processes run in isolated environments. For a long time VDSmanager-FreeBSD was the only virtualization technology, allows you to virtualize FreeBSD for commercial purposes.