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DirectAdmin panel installation

DirectAdmin control panel installation guide (for OS Centos as the exanple)


1. Recommended disk space partition:
/boot     40 mb
swap    RAM x 2 volume
/tmp      1-2 GB
/             6-10 GB
/var       10-20 GB
/usr        7-12+ GB
/home    other place is free.

2. Install OS with the minimal set of packages (without Apache, PHP, MySQL, Ftp, Sendmail, etc.)

3. If you have not minimal OS version, please selete the unnecessary packages:

yum remove httpd php mysql dovecot cpuspeed webmin proftpd spamassassin

4. Install the required packages:
yum install gcc gcc-c++ flex bison xinetd perl make wget nano mc quota  libaio libcom_err-devel -y

5. Let’s start the installation of DirectAdmin:
wget http://www.directadmin.com/setup.sh
chmod 755 setup.sh

6. You need to enter the following data while installing:
customer id – client identifier (check it in our billing system in the license properties)
license id: - license identifier (check it in our billing system in the license properties)
FQDN - hostname Network Interface (usually automatically founded)
IP address – ip адрес сервера (usually automatically founded)

7. After all data entering ,
you will be proposed to install either apache/php - customapache or custombuild.
Please choose 2 (custombuild).
Would you like the default settings of apache 2.2 and php 5 cli?
Reply "Y"

8. Now the installation is directly on the run .
The installation usually takes 15-30 minutes or more (depending on server configuration). You will get the access data after the installation (admin parole), please save it.

The installation is finished. Have a nice work!