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ISPlicense licenses reselling using BILLmanager 5

1. First of all, you need to create a new user inside isplicense.com billing. His credentials will be used in further integration.

You need to authorize within my.isplicense.com billing and open "Tools" > "Add new user" section. Fill all necessary data within the form, don't forget to check "Full access permissions".

2. Now you have to open billing system, that will be used for selling licenses. You have to create new processing module within "Integration" > "Processing modules" section, by clicking "Add" button.

3. What we need are: Other software, SSL certificate, ISPsystem modules, ISPsystem licenses. Below you can find example of adding "ISPsystem licenses" module.

4. Here we have to enter ISPlicense user credentials, that we've got at 1 step.

5. Then we need to configure our tariff plans in "Products" > "Tariff plans" section. We will use "Import" functionality.

6. Ensure that you have correct processing module selected.

7. Select correct product type and correct tariff plan.

8. Tariff successfully imported and configured. You can enable it.

9. You have to repeat the process for all other products. For some products you will have to enter internal name of service type. You can do this within "Products" > "Product Types" section. Select the required type > "Edit" and find a value inside "Internal name" field:

Cpanel - cpanellic

SSL certificates - certificate

Plesk / Virtuozzo - parallelslic

CloudLinux licenses - cloudlinuxlic

DirectAdmin licenses  - dalic

Proxmox licenses - proxmox

Don't forget to set correct product prices before reselling licenses to your customers!