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Plesk install

Plesk control panel is a software for easy management of hosting services. With the panel, a user executes complicated server commands in a couple of mouse clicks—no experience required. For example, one can easily migrate a whole website to another server after pressing just a few buttons. Plesk is also useful for professional web developers who seek to automate routine and handle multiple tasks more efficiently.

Where to Download Plesk Panel

The latest stable release of Plesk is always available on the official website and in our store. If you buy the panel from us, we will install Plesk for you and perform the initial setup. It is a paid control panel with billing plans, which means you need to renew your license from time to time.

While getting a license, you choose whether you want to install Plesk 12 or install Plesk Onyx. They both handle common tasks quite well, although you want to grab Onyx in case you need some advanced functionality.

How to Install Plesk

Plesk installation guide is pretty straightforward, the process itself takes less than an hour on average. The installation is performed in one click for both Linux and Windows servers.

Windows. Download Parallels Plesk panel installation file. Use RPD log in to the server, upload plesk-installer.exe file to it. Launch the installation in Windows command prompt: plesk-installer.exe --select-product-id=panel --select-release-latest --installation-type=recommended.

Linux. Use SSH log in to the server as a ‘root’ user and execute the following command: # sh <(curl https://autoinstall.plesk.com/one-click-installer || wget -O - https://autoinstall.plesk.com/one-click-installer).

The installation will be completed shortly. It automatically downloads the latest stable version of Plesk.

Once it’s over, you need to perform a quick setup. To do so, open the following URL in your browser: https://<SERVER_NAME_OR_IP_ADDRESS>:8443. You’ll be asked to enter login and password. For Linux your login will be ‘root’, and for Windows it is ‘Administrator’. The password is equal to the server password. When prompted, fill in administrator account information—and that’s it.

There are a couple of other ways to install the panel, for instance, via graphical interface or ISO-image. All options are listed in the help center. If you want us to install and set up Parallels Plesk Panel for you, make sure you purchase your licence in our store.