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Software bundles for hosting providers

Many people are wondering how to open their own hosting. To help organize hosting, we have prepared ready-made sets of programs for typical needs. Our support will install the panels and configure the integration. If you need to add or alternatively remove some options - contact the support for advice.

Hosting software bundles

  • Installation and integration
  • Admin services
    Monthly admin services. Includes 3 hours of our administrators, regular server audit and 100 Gb at backup server
  • BILLmanager
    Billing system
  • ISPmanager Business
    Shared hosting panel
  • VMmanager
    Virtual servers control panel. KVM or OVZ virtualization
  • DNSmanager
    Single DNS servers for various services (shared, VPS, dedicated, ...)
  • CloudLinux
    Allows to limit resources and use several PHP versions
  • IPmanager
    Automated IP assign
  • SSL certificates
  • Special domain registrar prices
  • Special prices for ISPmanager panel
    10% discount for ISPmanager panel

Detailed bundles description

For hosting reselling without own services you need just BILLmanager software. 

Starter bundle includes ISPmanager Business and BILLmanager licenses. It's enough to start selling shared hosting on VPS or Dedicated server. 

Optimal bunle is recommended for providers with several servers and various services. CloudLinux allows to limit resources, using DNSmanager you can setup single DNS for different services (such as VPS and shared hosting). Also you can sell DNS hosting using this software.

VM hosting bundle is created for VPS providers. You can use it on own or rent servers. IPmanager makes automated IP setup for VM servers. Also you'll get 10% discount for ISPmanager licenses for your customers.

Bundle price include free installation and software integration, SSL installation for all services. Other works, such as domain registrar integration, tariff setup, payment modules setup and other services provided for additional fee. 

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