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Actual update

Dear customers,

We receive a lot of questions in the last days about our company. As a company with teams in both Ukraine and the Russian Federation, we continue to work and hope for peace. 

There are some changes in the way we operate:

  • As some of our staff live in Kiev, the response time in queries may be extended.
  • Currency exchange rates are updated manually based on the bank exchange rate, because we pay for most of our products in foreign currencies and the Central Bank exchange rate does not correspond to the current exchange rates.
  • As of 03.03.2022 Certificate Center Sectigo (Comodo) stopped to issue and re-issue certificates for domains in zones .RU, .РФ, .BY, .БЕЛ, as well as certificates whose administrators are citizens and organizations from Russia and Belarus. This does not affect other customers.

We plan to update this news with current information related to our work.

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